Thanks to its experience and its carefully selected partners, YourExpatree offers tailor-made solutions, and sharply defined such as those contained in our specific packs (Your Sweet Home, Your Arrival,...)

However, sometimes, a maximum flexibility and freedom are more suitable for the expatriate.

This packs suits to the expatriates who:

  •  Manage their expatriation by themselves,
  • Are welcomed by a company which has no structure for the integration of their expatriates in Belgium,

But also to companies who:

  •  Did not yet precisely identified their expatriate,
  •  Did not fully defined the needs of their expatriate.

For all these reasons, YourExpatree proposes the formula "Your Free Mind" which allows to be helped in the various fields, while being free and not having to choose from the beginning among our other packs.

If quality and budget are identical to our registered formulas (Your Sweet Home, Your Kids, etc.), the implementation of services takes more time as they did not match with packs where planning is organized in advance.

This formula offers maximum flexibility and freedom, equal budget and can meet needs that may have to change quickly.


Enjoy our services freely