Very often, the expatriation of your employee it is also the expatriation of the whole family in many cases.

Professional changes in the expatriate live are generally very large important and leave little time to manage everything you need support during all area of the expatriation.

YourExpatree is very attentive to the family balance of your expatriate and offers its specific formula "Your Family" which brings optimal and customized solutions for :

  • language lessons for all the family
  • sports clubs for all the family
  • support in seeking spousal employment
  • nurseries and schools (Your Kids)
  • babysitting (Your Kids)
  • pets (veterinarians, ...)

To take advantage of the organization of his/her event, the expatriate and / or his/her family may call us via the formula Your Butler.


YourExpatree also puts a priority on the welcome of the rest of the family of the expatriate for a successful and harmonious expatriation.